Our Staff

Cathy Ridenour, Owner of our company, has been in the bookkeeping and the financial  business world for over 30 years. She brings her experience to you to make sure your bookkeeping, accounting and financial services are done right.

Cathy is also a member of the NATP. They are industry leaders who hold an exceptional understanding of how to apply the federal tax code to their clients’ unique situations.

To add to our wonderful leader's qualification, she has worked hard to maintain her status as a QuickBooks Pro Advisor. You have any issue with QuickBooks and she can fix it!

Matt Ridenour, co-owner of our company, is the son of Cathy and has been personally trained by her his entire life. Matt is also going to school and is currently undergoing CPA training. He has been working here at Ridenour Bookkeeping for about 8 years now. He maintains nearly all of our monthly clients and he is a great man who is ready to help you.


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