Recording your businesses transactions can be a real pain, but it is a necessary part of the accounting process. It has been around for thousands of years and as long as people do business, it wont be going anywhere anytime soon.

The number one question we get about bookkeeping is how much is cost. Our bookkeeping cost are based on each and every individual company. Every company's needs are completely different and putting a single number on it just doesn't work. It is common for us to ask for a retainer on large project. (Don't worry, if the work isn't as much as we think, we will credit some of that retainer back!)

This is why we offer a free consultation on your first visit with us to gauge what it is you and your business needs. 


No one likes to pay taxes. This is why we can do that work for you. We can assist you with your personal tax return, corporate tax returns, business tax, FAE Tax, and many more types of taxes. 

Some times it is hard to know what taxes is for what and who and when to pay. We can take a look at your business or your personal and calculate estimated tax payments you can make though out the year. We can also set up accounts to pay your taxes for you. 

Just like our bookkeeping service, your tax prep cost are based on the work we have to put into your taxes. 

If you are needing to have your Tax Returns done, then please make sure we have your tax info before April. If you contact us after April 1st, we will most likely have to file you an extension. 


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